Consignor Information


*This information is exclusively for our active consignors*

Thank you for choosing DBLTKE to consign your pre-loved designer merchandise! Below is some helpful information regarding our consignment process and pro-tips to make the most of your consignment.

*If different terms were discussed at the time of consignment, please wait for a follow up phone call from our team.

Our biggest recommendation is to contact us on the last week of every month to check the status of your account.


The day you receive your price list email is when your consignment period begins. Depending on when you brought in your consignment, the period is either 90, 60, or 30 days.

Every 30 days your item does not sell, it will receive a 25% off markdown. If you are not okay with this it is your responsibility to contact us before hand and pick up your merchandise. Remember the 'Received' column in your price list email gives you the starting date and markdowns are done every 30 days from that date until the item sells or is returned to you.

We have multiple sales and promotions every year during the following months: Feburary, May, July, August, October, and November. *Sale dates subject to change* We can exclude your items from sales if requested but we recommend letting your items go on sale and be marked down as they have a better chance of selling. After all, you didn't clean out your closet to bring it all back.

Your 'Pickup' date is the day your consignment will 'expire.' This is the most important date to remember as any leftover merchandise will become property of DoubleTake. Please contact us at least 48 hours before your items expire to claim anything that is left. We do offer an extention period available upon request for unsold items which are typically sold with an additonal 50%-75% off discount.


Within the first 2 weeks of the month you will receive your commisson check through the mail if your account reaches at least $51 (there is a $1.00 check fee). Your commission can also be kept in your consignor account to be used on in-store purchases. Again it is very important to contact us before the end of the month to check on your account especially if you only have a few items left. We are happy to issue checks if your account is under $51 and you do not have any items left in your account but you need to contact us!