2023 Trend Predictions

2023 Trend Predictions

Written by Kathryn Andes

With the new year comes new fashion trends from jackets to handbags and fresh ways to wear classic pieces. This year is going to be all about reimagining old styles in new ways, such as shapewear as pants, ballet core, and elevated crochet garments. Whether your style is girly or corporate, you’ll definitely be jumping on these fashion trends in the new year. 

1. Motorcross Style

2023 Trend Predictions

This outerwear piece beloved by celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa is quickly becoming a fashion staple in the new year. With the resurgence of the grunge era, leather pants, cigarette jeans, and motocross jackets, it's no secret that the tough look is in. For a daytime look pair it with a simple black mini skirt like Hailey Bieber, and for a nighttime look pair it with black leather pants like Bella Hadid. Racing jackets are a fun statement piece to build an outfit around, that can be worn in every season.

2. Elevated Crochet

2023 Trend Predictions

The crochet trend is only getting bigger. Crafting such as crocheting, knitting, and patchwork skyrocketed during the pandemic. Americans shifted from buying new tops, sweaters, and knitted garments to making them by hand at home. Since restrictions have been lifted and shoppers are returning to retail stores, the crochet trend has proven it is here to stay, in small boutiques and fashion houses alike. Luxury designers such as Missoni, Isabel Marant, Fendi, Altuzarra, Miu Miu, and many more have made their mark on the indie trend. 

3. Preppy

2023 Trend Predictions

Cue the Gossip Girl reruns because you’ll be dressing like Blair Waldorf this year, but with a cool girl twist. The iconic ‘Gossip Girl’ character is the poster girl for preppy style, and we’ll be taking inspiration from her wardrobe but with a modern touch. Instead of a fitted tweed blazer and skirt set, opt for an oversized striped quarter zip sweater and straight-leg jeans. Dated bows and headbands are out and oversized pearl hair clips are in. To achieve this look think oversized button-up blouses, sweater vests, tennis skirts, and loafers. 

4. Ballet Flats

2023 Trend Predictions

From the classic Chanel ballet flats to the viral Miu Miu Mary Jane ballet flats, ballerina-core has made its debut in 2023. What was once deemed to stay in the 2013 fashion time capsule for life, has now been transformed in a big way. See how our favorite street styles are wearing the trend. 

5. Vegan Leather 

2023 Trend Predictions

Vegan leather goods will be one of the most popular trends in 2023. With the fashion industry becoming more humane and leaning into the cruelty-free movement, we will see large brands and designers start to adapt to the trend. One of the most influential designers of the past year, Telfar Clemens is known for his Telfar vegan leather shopping tote that took over the mini handbag wave of 2022. We love everything vegan leather from dresses and jackets to bags and shoes.

6. Midriff Baring 

2023 Trend Predictions

We love a throwback to the 2000’s and this year some of our favorite celebrities have shown us they are all about midriff cutouts, especially in dresses. Designers are getting daring with the trend, designing cutouts from the neck all the way down to the hips. Everyone from Zendaya to Margot Robbie have sported the sexy trend, and we can't wait to see more celebrities style this trend. 

7. No Pants

2023 Trend Predictions

This slimming yet bizarre new trend which consists of wearing shapewear such as tights or Spanx as pants have been spotted on (no surprise) Kendall and Kylie Jenner. But recently other celebrities have hopped on the trend such as Tessa Thompson. The key to mastering this trend is to pair stockings with boyshort underwear, and a longline coat or oversized sweater, keeping everything covered in the back while elongating your legs in the front. 

8. Goth 

2023 Trend Predictions

This year we are embracing our inner Wednesday Addams and entering our dark feminine era. We’re taking style tips from Jenna Ortega who fully embodied Wednesday Addams on and off the screen. When putting together the perfect goth outfit, makeup is an essential part of the ensemble, and we’re drawing inspiration from Lizzo’s all-black makeup look too. 

9. Cargo 

2023 Trend Predictions

Cargo pants are not just for the Army or Boy Scouts, you heard that right! Our favorite fashion moguls have taken over the work pant and transformed it into a streetwear staple. Cargo pants are a fad that will never go out of style and we expect to see more of the popular trend in the new year. Check out how these celebrities styled the fashion-forward trend. 

10. Vintage 

2023 Trend Predictions

We’ve seen vintage finds everywhere this past year, from cult-favorite TV shows like The White Lotus, to Marilyn Monroe’s vintage dress worn by Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala. This one is going to hurt the millennials reading this but vintage is technically anything 20 years or older. Yes, that means your Juicy Couture tracksuit from 2003 is vintage. However, in the new year, we expect to see everything from the 80s, 90, and 2000s trending in fashion. But just to be clear, not your velour tracksuits, we’re thinking more vintage Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags. 

Which trends will you be wearing in 2023? Shop vintage pieces from DoubleTake in-store and online. And follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.








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