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2022 Trend Predictions

With the start of a fresh new year comes fresh new fashion! Although we love cutting edge contemporary styles, we are also showing appreciation for some fan favorite trends. Out with the old, and in with the new age vintage classics. 

10 Shiny Accessories to Add to Your NYE Look
Written by Kathryn Andes If there is one night of the year where all the fashionistas have an excuse to dress to the nines with spectacularly glittery outfits it's NYE, so make sure you do it right by shopping for...
The Ultimate Holiday Outfit Guide at Double Take

If you are searching for the perfect holiday outfit for your next party, dinner, or gala look no further. We have far more in stock than just a basic little black dress. Check out these hand selected outfits that feature glitter, sparkles, and all things color. Celebrate the holiday season and the New Year by treating yourself to an outfit that will live rent free in all your friends’ minds. 

Holiday Gift Guide - Doubletake Luxury Consignment
Wondering what to get the ladies in your life for the holidays? Here are the most giftable luxury items from Double Take. Whether it's jewelry, clothing, accessories, or shoes, these pieces are guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. Shop these holiday gifts for them in store and online.
Lady Gaga at the House of Gucci Premiere

On November 24 the highly anticipated House of Gucci film will premiere in theaters across the United States. Fashionistas and Gucci fans alike have been waiting to see the film since the trailer first aired in October. Recently Lady Gaga walked the red carpet wearing a gorgeous purple Gucci dress at the UK premiere of the film. The beautiful chiffon dress came straight off of the runway from the Love Parade Collection, designed by

What to Wear on Thanksgiving Day
Looking for the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving dinner? We’ve got you covered! Whether you want to make the family table your own personal runway, or you want to dress cute and comfy, check out these selections from our website for a show stopping look.
How Entrupy Can Eliminate Fakes in the Resale Market

In the past few years eCommerce has grown exponentially, this is in part due to the conversion of online shopping post pandemic, reducing storefront traffic. The growth of eCommerce has resulted in the saturation of the luxury resale market. The resale market is extremely lucrative, with vintage handbags trending, and styles from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s on every millennial’s wishlist. To ensure all of our vintage and current pieces are authentic, we take extra steps to confirm authenticity on luxury items. 

As a small local business we pride ourselves in authenticating each and every

The Chanel Price Increase and Why You Should Invest in a Chanel Bag

Chanel handbags are one of the most coveted luxury pieces a person can own. If taken care of properly, a Chanel Handbag can be a lifelong investment in your personal style, and an investment in a resale opportunity. During the height of the pandemic, Chanel rolled

How These Trending Runway Colors Can Change Your Mood

During the 2020 Autumn/ Winter season, neutral colors like Chocolate Brown, Almond oil Beige, Sandstone Tan, and Sleet Gray dominated the runways and fast fashion lines. But this year is all about color. 

The pantone colors of Autumn/ Winter have swept the runway shows with vibrant hues of

What is Y2K Fashion, and How Do I Style it?

Y2K fashion stands for year 2000 fashion, a style that has been trending within the Gen Z community. It's not the shirt dress over jeans and ballet flats you wore back in the day. Young fashionistas have taken the cult favorite, yet outdated pieces and turned them into an updated, refreshed style. 

The History of Gucci, and our Favorite Gucci Shoes
Written by Kathryn Andes Gucci was founded in 1921 in Florence, Italy where Guccio Gucci started the brand as a luggage manufacturer, producing luxury travel goods for Italy’s elite and wealthy. In the past year Gucci has become one of...
Can My Chanel Bag Get Wet? How To Care For Your New Investment

Congratulations, you finally made the splurge and purchased your new Chanel bag! Now you’re probably asking yourself can I wear my Chanel bag on a rainy day? Can I set my Chanel bag down on the restaurant floor? Or can I clean my Chanel bag with soap and water? The answer is...

Gender Neutral Clothing and Its Effect on Fashion Today
Written by Kathryn Andes Gender neutral clothing has become popular over the past few years, especially trending now within the Gen Z community. Although unisex clothing became popular in the 1960’s in response to the youth revolution and the hippie...
Shopping Sustainably and Fashionably Go Hand-In-Hand, Here’s How You Can Have It All
Written by Kathryn Andes With a push towards more sustainable fashion, the narrative of shopping has changed rapidly in America over the last few years. Corporate brands are becoming less relevant with their fast fashion practices, rolling out new collections...