How Entrupy Can Eliminate Fakes in the Resale Market

How Entrupy Can Eliminate Fakes in the Resale Market

Written by Kathryn Andes

In the past few years eCommerce has grown exponentially, this is in part due to the conversion of online shopping post pandemic, reducing storefront traffic. The growth of eCommerce has resulted in the saturation of the luxury resale market. The resale market is extremely lucrative, with vintage handbags trending, and styles from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s on every millennial’s wishlist. To ensure all of our vintage and current pieces are authentic, we take extra steps to confirm authenticity on luxury items.

t pieces are authentic, we take extra steps to confirm authenticity on luxury items. As a small local business we pride ourselves in authenticating each and every piece that comes into our store. We have a team of experts that use software and other new technologies to confirm authenticity for our loyal customers. To guarantee all of our merchandise, such as high value luxury handbags are genuine, we are proud users of Entrupy.

This A-I powered authenticity solution ensures businesses and customers that our high value merchandise is qualified as real. The Entrupy software can detect frauds by using computer vision techniques that are based on years of global research in the resale and retail industry. As the A-I software collects more data, the smarter the software gets. It is a user generated application, which means that the more users Entrupy has, the larger its collection of data is, making its authenticity process extremely precise.

“Entrupy's authentication algorithms have been trained to differentiate between authentic and fake items near instantly, with a 99.1% accuracy rate. Every item that is authenticated helps Entrupy's algorithms learn and improve, creating a smarter solution that adapts to the changing world of luxury goods.”

There has never been a better time to consign your luxury items and shop luxury consignment. According to the luxury resale market is projected to reach $64 billion in 5 years. With consignment shops like Double Take, the consumer is always winning. When you shop at Double Take Luxury Consignment you can rest assured that all of your purchases are confirmed authentic, not only by our team of experts, but also by an evolving A-I algorithm. Happy shopping!


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