What is Y2K Fashion, and How Do I Style it?

What is Y2K Fashion, and How Do I Style it?

Written by Kathryn Andes

Y2K fashion stands for year 2000 fashion, a style that has been trending within the Gen Z community. It's not the shirt dress over jeans and ballet flats you wore back in the day. Young fashionistas have taken the cult favorite, yet outdated pieces and turned them into an updated, refreshed style.

Popular Y2K items are sweater vests, trucker hats, low rise baggy jeans, body jewelry and belly chains, baby tees, butterfly motifs, and hair accessories like claw clips. In the year 2000 you probably would have worn all of these items together, but the trick for a stylish Y2K outfit today is to just choose one or two pieces to wear.

The biggest influencers on this trend are celebrities and fashion moguls such as Emma Chamberlin, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Britney Spears. There are many factors that inspired the Y2K fashion revival such as hip hop music, a transition from fitted clothes to casual baggy clothes post pandemic, and of course the fashion life cycle repeating every 20 years.

Rihanna in Y2K Fashion
Bella Hadid in Dior Y2K Fashion

As fashion repeats itself, designers, stylists, and content creators are finding new ways to repurpose old looks. Now low rise jeans, baby tees, bucket hats, silk tops, and cargo pants can be seen everywhere from Gen Z street style, to celebrities, and even runway looks. Here are some items from our store that I think would be great to style for a Y2K outfit.

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Burberry Silk Scarf
Veronica Beard Jeans Leopard Print Jacket
Parker Floral Bomber Jacket
Coach Gold Medallion Watch
Stephanie Kelian Mini Woven Shoulder Bag
Although fashion from the year 2000 is trending in pop culture, we are obsessed with these new arrivals from Burberry, Parker, Coach, and Veronica Beard. How would you style these items from our online store? Let us know in the comments and tag us in all of your Y2K looks on Instagram.





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