Can My Chanel Bag Get Wet? How To Care For Your New Investment

Can My Chanel Bag Get Wet? How To Care For Your New Investment

Written by Kathryn Andes

Congratulations, you finally made the splurge and purchased your new Chanel Bag! Now you’re probably asking yourself can I wear my Chanel bag on a rainy day? Can I set my Chanel bag down on the restaurant floor? Or can I clean my Chanel bag with soap and water? The answer is no. Most Chanel bags are typically made from lambskin or caviar leather, which is derived from calfskin.

The best way to care for your Chanel purse and to ensure it stays in great condition for years, is to follow these simple steps.

To preserve the lining and shape of the bag, do not overfill it with bulky items. Only store items that will comfortably fit in the bag without any pushing, pulling, or struggle.

Chanel Reissue Double Flap Handbag
Chanel Ombre Reissue Double Flap from the S/S 2009 Collection

To protect the hardware and exterior of your Chanel handbag, avoid direct sunlight or contact with natural elements like dirt, water, and even artificial light exposure. If your handbag does get wet, quickly and carefully dry the area with a microfiber cloth. Also avoid prolonged contact with harsh or textured fabrics like wool, denim, silk and tweed.
Chanel Around the World Clutch
Chanel Around the World Clutch from the F/W 2013 Runway Collection

To remove marks and scuffs from the exterior of your bag, use a soft cloth to gently rub them out in circular motions. Do not use any harsh cleaners, or care products. After buffing out any scuffs, store your Chanel handbag in its original dust bag or pouch, standing upright. Do not hang your bag from the shoulder strap on a clothing rack, hook, or hanger. This will alter the shape of the shoulder strap over time and create wear and tear on the exterior.
Chanel Embellished Boy Bag
Chanel White Embellished Boy Bag from the 2014 Cruise Collection

And lastly, enjoy your new Chanel bag if taken care of intently and properly, it will be a lifelong investment in your personal style.

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