Miley Cyrus’ New Single: ‘Flowers’

Miley Cyrus’ New Single: ‘Flowers’

Written by Kathryn Andes

Miley Cyrus has entered a new era after her divorce with Liam Hemsworth with the release of her single “Flowers” on January 13, which is also his birthday. The single is just one hit on her highly anticipated album Endless Summer Vacation. The pop singer shared a short lived marriage with Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth, from 2018-2019. It is rumored that the song is a clapback at Hemsworth for allegedly cheating on Cyrus. Let's break it down.

Miley Cyrus’ New Single: ‘Flowers’

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After their breakup Hemsworth dedicated the song “When I was Your Man” by Bruno Mars to Miley Cyrus. The internet could not help but call out a similarity in lyrics between the Bruno Mars hit and Miley’s new single. Bruno sings “I should have bought you flowers, and held your hand.” Whereas Miley’s lyric reads “I can buy myself flowers, and I can hold my own hand.” An uncanny resemblance. 


Miley Cyrus’ New Single: ‘Flowers’

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Cyrus has been on quite the musical journey starting off her career in entertainment in 2006 as the star of the Hannah Montana show. She released her debut album Meet Miley Cyrus in 2007, followed by Breakout in 2008, The Time of Our Lives in 2009, and Can’t Be Tamed in 2010. Cyrus took a short break from music to resume her career as an actress, starring in the film The Last Song with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. In 2013 the popstar made a very public change to her image with the release of her album Bangerz. Her infamous song “Wrecking Ball” is included in this album along with “We Can’t Stop”.


Miley Cyrus’ New Single: ‘Flowers’

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From 2013-2015 Cyrus took on an edgy persona, often writing songs about her relationship with substance abuse and partying. The change of her public image also brought on a change in her style. She shifted from the early 2000’s pop star look to a grunge look equipped with leather pants, chain belts, and an abundance of glitter. She made a public statement saying, “I can't base my career off of six-year-olds… It's the 16-year-olds, the 26-year-olds I'm trying to reach for now. I have to move on.” She made it clear that she was no longer associated with Disney past and the good girl image. 


Miley Cyrus’ New Single: ‘Flowers’

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In 2017 we saw a softer side of Miley Cyrus, when she debuted her album Younger Now including her top charts song “Malibu”. It seemed as though the singer and songwriter was going through a transition period of finding her voice and a new sense of style.


Miley Cyrus’ New Single: ‘Flowers’

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Cyrus stepped into her power in 2019 with the release of her album SHE IS COMING followed by Plastic Hearts in 2020. With her latest album debuting in March 2023, it looks like Cyrus has finally found her voice. With over 15 years in the entertainment and music industry, she is telling her truth on her own terms.  

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